How are the innocent Nigerians affected by the stigma of "cyber scammers"?

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As I write this, Nigerians, mostly youths, are on the streets, telling whoever that cares to listen that they have had enough, that it can't be business as usual.

As I write this, Nigerians, mostly youths, are on the streets, telling whoever that cares to listen that they have had enough, that it can't be business as usual.

The constant killings, humiliation, and outright lawlessness by the police are beyond what we can manage.

Like in the case of Tiyamiyu, a young prospective footballer was shot dead by SARS, an arm of the Nigerian police force. His crime? Because he has a car and an iPhone, which automatically qualifies you as a Yahoo boy (Internet fraudster) in Nigeria.

There have been inquiries about what the Nigerian authorities are doing about cybercrime, as many delusionally think all or most cybercrimes emanate from Nigeria. Well, I'm here to tell you that our leaders are doing a great job and have performed beyond our imaginations, they could kill, or jail both the innocent and the guilty, and they do so without morals.

As young men, we are forced to monitor how we dress and the kind of places we hang out. Our hairstyle or dressing could easily attract the police, which almost always ends in humiliation and bribery.

The size of my phone is a dead give away; they would grab your phone without a warrant and search for stuff to incriminate you, and when they can't find anything, they go ahead, asking how you could have the money to buy a smartphone because, to them, a smartphone is so luxurious that it should be out of the reach of the Nigerian youth... Talk about systematic racism, Africans do it best.

Owning a car might be the ultimate end of your freedom. You would be stripped of all fundamental rights know to man, as they accuse you of what you did and never did. God forbid if your source of income is from the Internet, legally or not, you are likely going to have zero chance in defending yourself.

I can't dress up the way I want. I can't have a particular hairstyle or draw a tattoo on my body. I can't own a car as I would be considered a scammer by the same police who swore to serve and protect me. I'm expected to be poor and look poor at all times because I'm a Nigerian.

If I do otherwise, I could be killed, extorted regularly, or be humiliated in public constantly as I will be on the SARS watch list. I'm expected of all of this simply because I'm a youth and a Nigerian living in Nigeria.

We are a democratic government, but about the only thing democratic about Nigeria is the word 'Democracy,' nothing more. But it can't be business as usual; this lawlessness must stop, which is why the Nigerians youths are out there, protesting peacefully despite being killed, shot at, and tear-gassed by theso-calledd authorities.

SARS, the arm of the Nigerian police in charge of robbery, is so clueless that they have no idea on how to go about investigating crimes ethically; they go about their questionable patrols to please their Superiors, and the International community that they are fighting crime, but no, about the only person they are fighting for is themselves, they enrich themselves with bribes from actual scammers and to also satisfy their quest for Sadomasochism.

And the most promising manner to end such brutality against the innocent is total exposure. #EndSars.