Startup dropshipping on WooCommerce with Ezusy app

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Dropshipping on AliExpress via WordPress WooCommerce is hotter than ever. You can start running a store online from now then. It’s never too late!

1. What is Dropshipping?
Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to sell a product without keeping them in your stock. For example, you have a website to sell clothes. Your customer sends you an order to buy a dress $100. Then you contact the supplier and tell them to ship this parcel to your customer’s address. This dress will be sent directly from the supplier to your customer. You get $100 and paid supplier $80, and left $20 margin. That is dropshipping.

2. Why should you start dropshipping on WordPress WooCommerce store?
It is easy to start. You need a computer with the internet; then you can begin your work in wherever you are, even in your home. You need a few nights to set up your store; then you can sell whatever you want. You are a student or an officer, or you are a homemaker? Both of you can be Dropshippers.

It is inexpensive. WooCommerce is Free. You need to pay an amount of web hosting, extensions, site related, and marketing campaigns. It is not a large amount of money if you have a real store cost. You won’t have to pay for space to store the inventory and any upfront costs to the manufacturer. You should periodically check the stock status of your products on AliExpress. That’s all.

3. Why should you install Ezusy app?
Dropshipping will be more straightforward if you use Ezusy for:

  • Filter product with ePacket.
  • Import variations include images.
  • Fulfill orders automatically.
  • Change the price with Pricing rules feature.
  • Customize products on your dashboard before pushing.
  • Getting notices when AliExpress products are in stock or prices are changes.

4. What steps do you have to do to import products?
There are six steps below:

  • Install Ezusy chrome extension.
  • Connect your store to Ezusy.
  • Setting the pricing rule.
  • Import product from AliExpress .
  • Push product to your store.
  • Order product

You can start with Free membership. Hope you will get a ton of profits with dropshipping on Wordpress WooCommerce via Ezusy.