*A man established a zoo and made the entrance fee N50,000= but no one went there. He reduced it to N40,000= but still no one came. He then reduced the fee to N20,000= still people didn't come. Finally, he made it FREE entrance and soon, the zoo was filled with people. Then he quietly locked the gate of the zoo, set the lions free and made the exit fee N150,000= and everyone paid.*

As you go about in life, beware of free offers; most of the times they're a big Trap. Behind every free gifts there is high possibility of an ulterior motive...*You may loose your life trying to get a free ride... You may loose all your money trying to get free airtime or free data. Most promotions on the Internet is a big scam, avoid it. Every thing with value is valuable and can never be actually... Totally Free! Be wise!